2 Person Outdoor Camping Tent Double-layer Waterproof 3 Season Tent DDRGUOPNX



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Spacious and comfortable for family travel, the account is not crowded, multi-window transparent, two-door double-window ventilation cycle ventilation, high-density mesh yarn + window design, breathable anti-mosquito, sun treatment refused to hot.External fabric with reflective treatment, the internal use of dark processing, effectively blocking the summer strong hot, with vestibule design double door with space layout, more humane, four corners breathable ears, fully enclosed state to keep the air circulation.Net yarn bag design, large and convenient, flexible design of dual-window design. One bedroom and one hall of the hall structure, including the whole work fine, fine work wind rope ribbon, solid and durable, the internal package edge technology, beautiful and solid.The structure of the account is not user-friendly, the end of the use of solid PE waterproof material leveling water pressure 8000, solid fiber steel frame, good toughness, durable, packaging combined with portable, shoulder strap two forms, easy to carry.Unique and fantastic design, easy to install in one minute. A waterproof tent, large double door, easy access, delivery time: 15-25 days

Material: Oxford cloth
Foreign account: polyester cloth
Fabric: 190T polyester PU waterproof 2500
Mesh: B3 encrypted gauze
Bottom cloth: thick PE waterproof
Style function: picnic, field survival, waterproof, fishing, mountain climbing, cold, warm, ultra-light, ultra-light, light, night fishing, riding, winter fishing, wind, adventure
Tent Type: Automatic Tent
Tent structure: single layer account
To build the situation: free to build speed open
Space structure: one bedroom
Material: Solid glass fiber
Weight: 4.91KG
Foreign account waterproofing coefficient: 2000-3000 mm
Bottom charge waterproofing coefficient: 2000-3000 mm
color: blue
Variety: 3 people single layer
Applicable number: 3-4 people
Size: 290 * 200 * 130cm

2 Person Outdoor Camping Tent Double-layer Waterproof 3 Season Tent DDRGUOPNX

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